A Healthy Prostate For A Vigorous Life!

A healthy prostate is something most men take for granted… until “problems” start cropping up. What sort of problems are we talking about?

  • Frequent urination…
  • ‘Stop and go’ urination…
  • Unable to empty the bladder…
  • Waking in the night several times to urinate…
  • Weaker urine flow…
  • Embarrassing ‘wet marks’ on your pants after urinating
  • A subtle pressure deep within your groin area

Starting off slowly at first, these are just the initial warning signs that so
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), our testosterone levels decrease naturally. Flooding our bodies when we’re young, we max out our testosterone levels while in our late teens. From then on, it’s a very slow, but steady decrease.

However, we modern guys have some problems our granddads didn’t: Estrogenic con

  • Plastics – According to the Environmental Health Perspective, common, every day plastics leech out
    both in women AND men.
  • Our livestock are injected with antibiotics and hormones – which once again shifts the balance towards increased female hormone production. Once we chow down on those tasty burg
  • Birth control pills and other hormonal medicines don’t just magically disappear after ingesting – they find their way into our water supply (even after water treatment filtration) and back into our bodies.
  • If you’re a guy, your dwindling testosterone levels now have to compete with female hormone “invaders” – and all the unwanted consequences that brings.


    Lower Physical Activity – Another Culprit

    When our granddads did a day’s work, they worked hard! Strenuous physical labor was the norm, not the exception. All this activity stimulated the body to keep pumping out testosterone. Other things that might increase testosterone levels include things like home remedies for rosacea, working out at the gym, and eating hotdogs.

    But sitting in an office or driving to the corner stores aren’t very physical activities, so our testosterone levels fall off due to a “negative feedback” response. Our bodies are fooled into thinking we don’t need that much testosterone anymore.


    Prostate Cancer

    In and of itself, the symptoms mentioned above pale in comparison to prostate cancer. Again, it appears that many cancers are on the rise – and poor nutrition is thought to be one of the main culprits.

    Now, you may very well read on other nutritional sites that are scare mongering you about “how an enlarged prostate will eventually lead to cancer”. This is false! An enlarged prostate is not cancer, neither does it raise your risk for getting prostate cancer.

    But one thing is absolutely certain… it is far, far better to PREVENT cancer from happening, than treating it after it does. With prostate cancer this is doubly true, as the surgery and radiation procedures can render a man impotent for life.


    Nourishing Your Prostate With The
    ESSENTIAL Nutrients You Need!

    In MX Prostate Factor, we’ve developed what we believe is one of the finest and most effective prostate support supplements on the market.

    Each ingredient is 100% natural, and carefully researched and studied for effectiveness in directly addressing prostate problems – from an enlarged prostate to the much more serious prostate cancer risk.

    We also wanted the bio-nutrients in MX Prostate Factor to be synergistic – each one enhancing the other. Plus, they also had to boost overall physical health as well, since the human body is a holistic organism and not just a collection of isolated organs.

    Here’s what you’ll find in every MX Prostate Factor capsule:

    • Saw Palmetto: For years, Saw Palmetto has been known to have many beneficial properties, especially with reducing urinary symptoms and problems due to an enlarged prostate. In fact, its usage has been dated all the way back to the Mayans and Seminole Indians. In Europe, Saw Palmetto extract is thought to be so powerful, it’s a licensed product in several countries.
    • Pumpkin Seed Extract: Pumpkin Seed Extract works in combination with Saw Palmetto in reducing the size of an enlarged prostate, helping toimprove urinary flow and decrease frequency of urination. A prime source of healthy fatty acids and antioxidants, Pumpkin Seed Extract is also rich in Vitamin E, a highly recommended nutrient for a healthy cardio-vascular system.
    • Lycopene: This nutrient found in red tomatoes is a powerful antioxidant offering a host of health benefits. In addition to its anti-aging and antioxidant effects, Lycopene has also been shown to guard against prostate cancer and other types of cancers. Lycopene also assists with preventing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and even fertility problems in men.
    • Flaxseed Oil: A wonderful source of alpha-linolenic (ALA) essential fatty acids, evidentiary research has suggested Flaxseed Oil can isolate and kill off cancer cells without harming healthy ones. In addition to helping reduce the risk of prostate cancer, Flaxseed Oil also helps to lower cholesterol, alleviate stomach issues, promote skin health, and relieve stress.
    • Vitamin E: A true wonder nutrient, Vitamin E is also one that’s been leached out of our soils and our food supply. Essential for a healthy prostate, did you know that Vitamin E actually lowered the incidence of prostate cancer by 33% in a large study of smokers in Finland? It is important to note that only the natural form of Vitamin E should be taken – as found in MX Prostate Factor ™.
    • Evening Primrose Oil: Evening Primrose Oil was reported in the Journal of Urology in helping to prevent prostate problems. Acting as a powerful 5-alpha-reductase type II inhibitor, this aids in reducing benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) – an enlarged prostate. Rich in GLA, (Gamma-Linolenic Acid), Evening Primrose Oil is also a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Chronic inflammation is now thought to be an underlying cause of many modern day ailments.


    Give Your Prostate What It Truly Needs… Just like we need wartrol to help clear warts on our skin – we also need zetaclear to get rid of nail fungs. However, we need something special for our prostate health…

    Just 1 easy to swallow MX Prostate Factor capsule in the morning, and you’ll be set for the entire day. You’ll be taking that first, all important step in maximizing your prostate health.
    There’s no need to suffer through years of continual discomfort and embarrassment because of an enlarged prostate. MX Prostate Factor can help – we guarantee it. And if you’re a man who suffers from snoring, we stringly suggest you check out – zquiet.

    Various Uses of HGH

    HGH, or human growth hormone, is a hormone which the body produces naturally in the pituitary gland. It is something that is very important for growth in childhood and in adolescence, but as we get older the amount that the body produces falls. Check it out at this site for the best HGH that is available in the market now: http://www.sytropinreviewspro.com.

    HGH is used to regulate body composition, hormone production, your metabolic rate, and tissue repair as well as body composition. It also has an impact on your sleep patterns.

    Until relatively recently, it was not possible to make HGH, so people who were deficient in it were given treatments extracted from cadavers, and therefore only those with the most urgent need were offered treatment, since HGH was so rare. Now it can be made synthetically, HGH prescriptions are more common.

    HGH is approved for medicinal use by the FDA in only a limited number of scenarios, but there are many off-label uses for it, including boosting athletic performance and increasing muscle growth. Bodybuilders and strength athletes often take HGH with or instead of anabolic steroids in a bid to improve their performance.

    It is normal for HGH production to tail off as we age, and there is some thought that supplementing HGH could help to stave off the effects of aging, however more research is needed in that area to determine what “natural levels” of HGH are, and whether there is a possibility that restoring the body to that level would really make a difference. Certainly people who take HGH report feeling more virile, energetic, healthy and alert. However the long term risks of supplementing HGH are something that needs investigation.

    A lot of athletes use HGH to help to speed up their recovery times and improve their performance. The science behind this benefit is questionable (since HGH is forbidden in most competitive sports there has not been a lot of research done into proving the benefits), but because there is a perceived benefit many athletes are happy to try it. They will do anything if they believe it will give them a competitive edge.

    In most professional sports – and some amateur sports – drug testing includes tests for HGH by default. If someone is caught using it, then they will get a suspension or possibly even a ban from the sport.

    There are some concerns about the long term impact of HGH use, including increased cancer risk, but those concerns are not proven as of yet. However, they are a good reason for people to avoid HGH unless it is medically necessary.

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